About Us

We offer teams in grades 4 - 8 for boys who live in the Woodinville High School attendance area or are enrolled at any of the following schools:

  • Leota Middle School
  • Timbercrest Middle School
  • Bear Creek Elementary
  • Cottage Lake Elementary
  • East Ridge Elementary
  • Hollywood Hill Elementary
  • Kokanee Elementary
  • Sunrise Elementary
  • Wellington Elementary
  • Woodin Elementary


Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have questions that aren't answered by the list below, please contact the Select Program

Who is eligible to play?
The Select program offers teams from 4th - 8th grade for boys that live in the Woodinville High School feeder pattern.  We will consider exceptional 2nd and 3rd grade players who try out for the 4th grade team.

When are Winter season tryouts?
Winter season tryouts for the 2023-24 season are Sunday, September 17, and Sunday, September 24 at Woodinville High School. 4th-6th grades are 12:00-1:30 pm, 7th-8th grades are 2:00-3:30 pm.

When is the season?
The Winter season runs from October through March. Teams will practice at least twice a week and play in 30+ games in 4-5 tournaments on the Eastside, in addition to league play against similar feeder programs in the Eastside Travel League.

When and where do you practice?

Practice locations are subject to availability each season, but the Northshore School District has always been great about helping us secure gym time.  Our primary practice locations are Leota Middle School and Timbercrest Middle School.

Practices are tentatively planned for weeknights starting early October.  Practices are held between 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM, with the majority of early times targeted for younger teams.   However, practice times do depend on both coach and gym availability.

Practice locations are subject to availability each season, but the Northshore School District has always been great

Is it a problem if my son plays another sport in addition to basketball during the season?

Participation in any select sport is a major commitment.  Making basketball the number one sports activity during the season is essential to the success of both the team and your son.

The expectation is that Woodinville Select Basketball is the primary sport during basketball season and will supersede all other activities.   Players that have too many unexcused absences will be restricted from playing in games and in some cases removed from the team. The detailed Attendance Policy can be viewed here.

How much does it cost?
The tentative fee for the 2023-24 season is $950.  

What is a "feeder" program?
Feeder programs limit participation to players that will attend a specific high school, so the Basketball Club of Woodinville teams are only for boys who live in the Woodinville High School attendance area and who plan on attending Woodinville High School.

What leagues do you play in?
We offer a team at each grade level in the Eastside Travel League, which is a league of similar feeder programs, predominantly of teams aligned with high schools in the KingCo Conference.   When we offer a second team at each grade level, we place a team in the PEAK League on Mercer Island or the Cascade League.

Where are games played?
The majority, if not all, of the games in each league are held on the Eastside. The farthest we travel for league games is typically to Mount Si High School Tahoma High School.

Are the players guaranteed playing time?
Playing time is earned on the basis of each player's effort, attention, commitment, and ability displayed in practice and in games. Players with the best ability to combine these skills will receive the greatest amount of playing time. Playing time is at the discretion of the coach.

How does this differ from an "AAU" program?
The biggest difference is that AAU programs have no geographic limits on where they source their players. Woodinville Select is a high school feeder program, focusing on developing players to play at Woodinville High School.

How does this differ from a recreational program like NYBA? 
Recreational programs typically do not have tryouts and tend to offer fewer practices and games with varying levels of coaching expertise.

Do you offer activities outside of the Winter season?
When there is sufficient demand the club organizes teams in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.   We also offer open gyms and training during the offseason.

I have a 2nd or 3rd grader who I think is an exceptional player, can he try out for the 4th grade team?
Yes we will allow him to try out. We make decisions on an annual basis about players at all grade levels playing above their grade level (eg. a 5th grader playing on the 6th grade team), therefore if a player "plays up" one year, he may not "play up" the following year depending on the structure of the team.

Are your coaches paid? 
Yes, non-parent coaches are compensated.

Do you allow parents to coach?
Our first priority is to find quality coaches with the background that we desire. If they have that background and happen to be parents, we are open to having them coach.